Team Building

Looking for the perfect Team Building event?  Look no further!

Playing an escape room at Camp Hill’s premiere escape room, Do You Even Escape? with your coworkers is an exciting and challenging experience that will:

  • Teach colleagues to work together
  • Develop stronger relationships
  • Demonstrate strengths and weaknesses
  • Create laughter and fun

We’ll place your employees in an environment where they must rely on each other, the result is a more cohesive team that works together more effectively. When your team plays our rooms, communication and teamwork happen organically within the group. You will witness individuals take the lead at different times throughout the game, and ultimately everyone will have to work together.

Do You Even Escape? offers 3 escape room experiences for your team, accommodating up to 18 players at a time. We offer corporate discounts for groups of 18 or more. Give us a call and we can set up your team building escape room event. Please call 717-963-7657 or email us at for pricing and scheduling your Team Building event today.

Large group Room

Checkmate – 2-10 player / 60 minutes

Checkmate Room
Checkmate Room

The Family reunion has gone sideways and now you are locked inside the cabin.  You are left with no option but to use your quick wit and fast thinking.  Can you solve crazy Uncle Larry’s puzzles, achieve checkmate, and escape in time?

Race Rooms

Sunken Dreams –

  • Port Room – 2-4 players / 45 minutes
  • Starboard Room – 2-4 players / 45 minutes
Sunken' Dreams - A Titanic Journey
Sunken’ Dreams – A Titanic Journey

The Titanic is sinking! Grab your life vests and escape before you become a relic of the sea. You can’t get out of your room though. Can you solve the masterminds puzzles, get your life vests, and survive the Titanic? The Port Cabin is a passenger cabin on the left side of the ship.  It’s identical mate, the Starboard Cabin, is on the right. These rooms being identical make for an excellent Race Room challenge for friends and couples!

Please call 717-963-7657 or email us at for pricing and scheduling your Team Building event today!